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Sedum Angelina - Stonecrop - Sedum Orpine - Sedum rupestre Perennial 4"

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Angelina, bo-bina, fo-fina .... gotta love it.

This 'wow' plant produces a glowing golden mat of narrow, needle-like foliage with yellow summer blooms. Easy to maintain, it likes hot, dry conditions! 'Angelina' Sedum creates charming clusters of star-shaped flowers in summer and thrives among rocks and gritty soil. It is also known as Sedum reflexum.

The Sedums are known in folklore to as the “live-forever plants”; many believe keeping one in your room will ward off life threatening illnesses. 

'Angelina's' cousin, 'Lemon Ball' Sedum, tolerates the hot, hot heat of summer even better that 'Angelina', so keep that in mind while garden planning. Both are fun additions to your garden or patio planters.

The sedums are a great filler and addition to any area that is less likely to get water.  It is equally wonderful as ground cover, in the rock garden, along walkways, or cascading over stone walls. 

Light:  Full sun (3-6 hours of direct sun)
Height:  3-6" (8-15cm)
Width:  24-36" (61-91cm)
Spacing:  24-36" (61-91cm)
Hardiness:  Zone 6-9
Bloom Time: Spring-summer
Color:  Yellow green leaves
Habit:  Mat-forming
Water:  Weekly during dry spells
Feeding:  Use all-purpose
Care:  Tolerates hot, dry conditions.