Autumn Fern - Dryopteris erythrosora

Autumn Fern - Dryopteris erythrosora

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Such a stunning perennial fern that puts on a lacy display of autumn color (in the spring of all things!) and needs minimal maintenance.  This low growing accent foliage is great for a ground cover in your woodland shade garden or in a cozy spot next to a bench under the shade of a large tree.  You will swoon every time you sit there. ;)

And it's very heat tolerant if given adequate shade and moisture. What's more to like? No other fern like it.  

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Light:  Full shade
Height:  30-36" (76-91cm)
Width:  18-24" (46-61cm)
Spacing:  12"
Hardiness:  Zone 5-9 
Bloom Time: Spring-summer
Color:  Pink fiddle heads that turn coppery orange as they unfurl, then age to a lustrous dark green
Water:  Consistently moist soil
Care:  Grow in moist soil and partial to full shade in a protected site.

Suggestions:  Nice as a ground cover or also creates a beautiful combo with bright annuals in container pots. Perhaps a bright Coleus or Brunnera and a 'Twisted Arrows' Rush. tucked in as well.  Or maybe a container with a tall blooming Dalhia and a trailing vinca vine.  

Hashtag Fun:  #Gottahaveit #NiceFoliage #FernLover

Pot Size:  Ships in 4" round pot

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