Moss Irish - Sagina subulata Perennial 4'

Moss Irish - Sagina subulata Perennial 4'

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Moss! Moss! Moss!  What's not to love about this carpet of lovely? Mossy lush carpet of deep-green foliage with tiny white flowers. Think about making a special path way with this loveliness underfoot!

Add to any ground cover area or put in a flower pot all by itself.  Ideal for planting between paving stones or on rock walls and excellent at garden's or water's edge or as a small-scale ground cover.  And definite design statement in a container all by itself.... or with a lovely coral bell.... you decide.

Light:  Part to full shade

Height:  1-2" (3-5cm)

Width:  8"(20cm)
Spacing:  8"
Hardiness:  Zone 4-9, -30ºF (-18ºC)
Bloom Time: Summer
Color:  green
Habit:  Spreading, mat-forming
Soil:  Light, moist, well-drained soils.
Water:  Weekly during dry spells
Feeding:  Use all-purpose fertilizer
Care:  Pinch back for fuller appearance.  Does best in light, well-drained soil.

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