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Euphorbia Ruby Glow - Euphorbia amygdaloides - Spurge (Out of stock till fall)

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EuphorbiaShmorbia - not.  This spurge is a 'much have' addition to your landscape or container garden.  It is simply a sensational plant!  Drought tolerant, evergreen, and deep red stems make this plant OH-so-exciting.

Light:  Full sun to part shade
Height:  12-18" 
Width:  18"
Spacing:  18"
Hardiness:  Zone 6-9, to -10ºF
Bloom Time
: Spring
Color: Near-black leaves, red new growth, yellow bracts
Habit:  Upright, bushy
Soil:  Well-drained
Feeding:  Early spring & midsummer
Care:  Tolerates hot, dry conditions.  Does best in light, well-drained soil.
Planting:  Break up and amend heavy soil well to enhance drainage

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