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'Twisted Dart' Rush - Juncus inflexus

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Little Sarah had the hardest time sitting still for her morning hair ritual, a constant battle of the curls. One morning, armed with her brush and comb, her mom plopped down a fun container of this 'Twisted Arrows' Juncus so Sarah's attention was focused on a different curly mass of tangles. Battle no more.

The 'Twisted Dart' Rush is a unique, clumping perennial with spiraled foliage - beautiful in any garden!  Use it as a "thriller" in a flower pot or near waters edge in a consistently wet area.... or as a hair relaxer.

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Light:  Sun to shade (3-6 hours of direct sun)
Height:  18-36" (45-90cm)
Width:  18-24"(45-60cm)
Spacing:  18-24"
Hardiness:  Zone 5-9, -20ºF (-29ºC)
Bloom Time: Grown for foliage
Color:  Dark green
Habit:  Upright 
Soil:  Plant in ordinary, well-drained soil
Water:  Do not allow soil to dry out
Feeding:  Once a month
Care:  Prefers acid soil

Suggestions:  'Twisted Arrows' is so unique it is lovely in any setting.  Especially suited for door baskets for eye-catching height.  Add a bright annual and a spilling Creeping Jenny and you have a formula for Wow!

Hashtag Fun:  #Twisted #Curley #Lovely 

Pot Size:  Ships in 4" square pot

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