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Fern Blue Star - Polypodium aureum

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Here's the story on one hot little cool fern:

Listed as one of the HOTTEST ferns in decorating.  It doesn't have the shedding issues that so many ferns have.  Horticulturally, the fronds of the blue star fern are known as simple leaf.  But really what you need to know is they are easy, peasy, pretty, breezy, doesn't need much light, and make a great design statement.  The 'blue star fern is great to use in a hanging basket or table plant, in your home or patio.  
Blue star fern is a plant that comes from tropical rain forests of South America.  In the wild it grows on trees, using them for support but not drawing moisture or nutrients from them.

The large 'blue star' fronds are a chalky bluish-green and have deep lobes with a  texture that is smooth yet coarse for a fern. The leaves emerge from decorative visible brown rhizomes.

See what we mean by hot?  See what we mean by cool?  Yeah, you got it.  Yeah, you gotta have it.

Light:  Full shade (preferrably indirect indoor light)
Height:  20" (51 cm)
Width:  12-24" (31-61 cm)
Spacing:  12-24" (31-61 cm)
Hardiness:  Zone 10-12 (30ºF)
Color:  Chalky bluish-green.
Habit:  Upright
Water:   Regular.  Frequent watering but it doesn’t like to stand in water/wet soil
Feeding:  Not necessary
Soil:   Moist, well-drained soil
Care:  Low maintenance

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