Fern Golden Club Moss - Selaginella Aurea

Fern Golden Club Moss - Selaginella Aurea

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Join the "club".  Yeah, that club.  The Selaginella club.   Easy to remember the latin name:  Sell-a-gin-ella.  Sell a gin to Ella.  Why not?

The common name “clubmoss” for this fern is based on the idea that at first glance these plants resemble mosses (mosses are bryophytes and thus, non-vascular plants), and 'club' because they often have club-like structures that produce spores.  Not the country club, silly.  

Clubmosses are perennial evergreen plants with tiny lacy fern-like leaves that tend to 'run' above ground.  A lovely simple design statement on an end table makes the room.  Or three in a row for a full-on 'wow' effect.

This plant adds a touch of brilliance to potted containers or terrarium design. The creeping stems create a dense mat, quickly covering the soil's surface. Or grow as a miniature in a small pot or hanging basket.  Remember to keep it evenly moist, and this moss will do well in low light.

:  Full shade (preferrably indirect indoor light)
Height: 1-2" 
Width:  8-12"
Spacing:  8-12"
Hardiness:  Zone 10
Color:  Bright green
Habit:  Low spreading
Water:  Aim to keep the potting medium lightly moist at all times
Soil:   Moist, well-drained soil
Care:  Low maintenance

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