Lysimachia aurea - Creeping Jenny - Lysimachia nummularia Perennial 4

Lysimachia aurea - Creeping Jenny - Lysimachia nummularia Perennial 4"

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Have you ever driven by a house and seen a front porch pot with one corner spilling over with this beautiful chartreuse yellowish amazing plant?  .... giving this wonderful trailing affect?  Chances are it's the amazing Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia). Perfect for containers perfect for spilling over into walkways when planted outdoors. This versatile plant is so special because it is heat tolerant, grows quicky, and provides the best splash of color!  The leaves are rounded, sort of the shape of coins which gives it one of it's common names, Moneywort.  However, in our research we've also seen it referred to as: moneywort, creeping Jenny, creeping Joan, creeping Charlie, running Jenny, wandering Jenny and wandering sailor. What every you call it, we call this quick spreading plant wonderful.

It is an semi-evergreen plant that becomes semi-dormant outdoors in winter, when it rests and slows its growth.  Note if purchasing this in the winter, the plant will arrive in its dormant state, a little coppery.  And if you plan to grow it as a houseplant, room temperature works well in spring, summer and early fall, but it's important to move the plant to a cool spot during the winter, so the plant gets its needed rest period.

In common folklore, it symbolizes peace.  In the Language of Flowers it means Release from strife and symbolizes Peacemaking.

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Light:  Full sun to full shade
Height:  2-4" 
Width:  12-18"
Spacing:  12-18"
Hardiness:  Zone 3-8
Bloom Time: Summer
Color:  Yellow
Habit:  Groundcover; spiller
Water:  Keep surface of soil moist, but not soggy
Feeding:  Use all-purpose

Suggestions:  Quick spreading and a happy little plant, the moneywort is great used as a walkway border, in container settings, as a ground cover and planted in masses.  Pair it with a thriller and filler, this spiller completes container WOW plantings with a chartreuse punch! Your neighbors will be jealous. Really.

Pot Size:  Ships in 4" pot

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