Mail order plants - Icicles' Licorice plant - Helichrysum Siempreviva

Helichrysum Icicles - Licorice plant - Helichrysum Siempreviva

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With its intense, long, elegant silver foliage, who wouldn't love this lovely annual?   Easy to grow and care for, the 'Icicles' Licorice Plant is great in containers, hanging baskets, flower boxes or directly in your front flower bed. Its unusual, cool color brings a breath of fresh air to hot summer days and coordinates nicely with most color combinations!  

A compact habit means no need to prune and there is no need to deadhead its insignificant flowers.  Combine that with drought and heat tolerance (once established!) and you have one easy plant and one cool summer ahead of you! 

The Licorice plant is an awesome filler plant for borders, containers, hanging baskets ... you name it!  Pair it with blues and violets for a calm look that is easy on the eyes- or use it to set off warm hued flowers and create a vibrant, attention-getting combination!  It also can be used to add interest and diversity to an all white garden. 

We even use these in fall containers due to the great silver color, knowing of course that the heavy frost will mean we have to remove them.

Light:  Full sun  (4-6 hours of direct sun)
Height:  10-12" (25-30cm)
Width:  10-12" (25-30cm)
Spacing:  10"
Hardiness:  Zone 9-10
Bloom Time: Insignificant tiny yellow flowers in midsummer 
Color:  Silver 
Habit:  Upright
Soil:  Well-drained
Water:  Medium water

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