Cypress Lemon - 'Wilma' (Monterey) Cypress Perennial 6

Cypress Lemon - 'Wilma' (Monterey) Cypress Perennial 6"

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Do you have that gardening friend (mine is named Eileen) who lives across the country and you'd like to tell them that they're special to you?  Or have you been just swooning over this plant for yourself?

One of our most captivating plants, the lemon cypress is to die for.  Rub your hands across the foliage for an intoxicating lemon scent. Surely you would love a simple way to send such an elegant and aromatic plant directly to that special friend or loved one this season.  Let the scent of lemon cypress fill the air.

Year round stunning. Extremely versatile too. Lemon Cypress is great in a container giving the "wow" in height.  Combine it with a trailing plant, such as Emerald Green" False Raspberry and then a blooming annual and you have a recipe for "Oh MY!".  Or plant it outside in a landscape setting in front of dark green trees or shrubs.  The contrast is spectacular.

One word of CAUTION ... this plant will not tolerate drying out.  It is a cypress and must always be moist.  If you fail to keep it moist, it will not give you any warning before it dies. 

Light:  Full sun to part shade (3-6 hours of direct sun)
Height:  15-20" (container)  6-8' (landscape)
Width:  10-18" (container) 1-2' (landscape)
Spacing:  18-24" (landscape)
Hardiness:  Zone 7-10
Color: Exceptional, golden-yellow fragrant foliage
Habit:  Cone
Soil:  Well-drained
Feeding:  Early spring
Care:  Water regularly; do not overwater. Drought tolerant once established.
Planting:  Break up and amend heavy soil well to enhance drainage


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