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Grass - Japanese Rush Ogon - Acorus gramineus Perennial 4"

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Slow down and enjoy the rush!  

This Japanese Rush is one of the loveliest of our perennial grasses.  Upright and lovely yellowy stems make this plant spectacular!   It is grown for it's amazing foliage and once you grow it, you'll never go back.  You can't over water this baby. 

This 'Ogon' variety of Japanese Rush is a fantastic plant for an upright flower planter or stunning near a mailbox garden.  What a wonderful addition to your plant collection. Whether in the garden or in a container, this is the "thriller" you need.  Plant it with something purple for an extra PUNCH BANG WOW.  

This plant is prone to black tips in the summer season.  Snip them off to keep it looking great

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Light:  Full sun to part shade
Height:  10" (25cm)
Width:  4-6"(10-15cm)
Spacing:  4-6"
Hardiness:  Zone 10-11  30ºF (-1ºC)
Bloom Time: Grown for foliage
Color:  Yellow and light green variegated leaves
Habit:  Upright
Water:  Do not allow soil to dry out

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