Ric Rac Cactus - Cryptocereus anthonyanus

Ric Rac Cactus - Cryptocereus anthonyanus

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Whatever name it goes by, the Ric Rac, Zigzag, or Fishbone Orchid Cactus is so fun and stunning, you won't be able to resist it. (Go ahead, try.)

Exotic and distinctive the dark green, glossy lobes look like the backbone of a fish, hence one of the names.  Tell me you're not in love yet.  And if you give it enough light, the ric rac cactus will, perhaps, thrill you with stunning pink and white orchid-like flowers that open for only one night.  Don't worry about potting in larger containers too often.  It kinda likes it's roots potbound and perhaps blooms better in this condition. Go figure.  

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Light:  Bright indirect light but can tolerate some periods of bright sun
Height:  3-6" (8-15cm)
Width:  24-36" (61-91cm)
Spacing:  24-36" (61-91cm)
Hardiness:  Zone 10a - 11
Bloom Time: Rare, but nocturnal
Color:  Dark green, pink flowers
Habit:  Mat-forming
Water:  Weekly during dry spells
Feeding:  Use all-purpose
Care:  Tolerates hot, dry conditions. 

Suggestions:  Best used as a trailing houseplant, it is lovely in hanging baskets.  Or put it in a container with it's cousin, the orchid for a real stunner of a show.  Wow. Another fab paring is with the Christmas Cactus.  Ooooohhhh. Nice.

Hashtag Fun:  #EasyPeasy #NiceFoliage #LazyGardener'sPlant

Pot Size:  Ships in 4" round pot

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