Best plants online- 'Tiny Tim' Euphorbia - Euphorbia x martini

'Tiny Tim' Euphorbia - Euphorbia x martini

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Ahhh the Tiny Tim!  Drought tolerant, evergreen, and oh, so nice.  A bit "tinier" that those other euphorbias, the Tiny Tim has a tight mounding plant with lush bluish green foliage and long lasting chartreuse blooms with red centers.  Did we mention this is drought tolerant?   Tiny Tim Spurge is recommended for general garden use, mass plantings, border edges, rock/alpine gardens, container plantings.  What's NOT to love? Seriously.

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Light:  Full sun to part shade
Height:  10-12" 
Width:  12-18"
Spacing:  18"
Hardiness:  Zone 6-9, to -10ºF
Bloom Time
: Spring - early summer
Color:  Compact dome-shaped mound of light green foliage with bright red nugget centered chartreuse flowers.
Habit:  Upright, bushy
Soil:  Well-drained
Feeding:  Early spring & midsummer
Care:  Tolerates hot, dry conditions.  Does best in light, well-drained soil.
Planting:  Break up and amend heavy soil well to enhance drainage

Suggestions:  This spurge is a landscaping plant with a nice show of evergreen foliage.  Also great as a companion plant in a large flower container with showy annuals, such as pansies in the winter or petunias in the summer and, of course, a trailing False Raspberry or Creeping Jenny to spill over.  

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