Needle Stonecrop Sedum - Sedum lineare 'Sea Urchin'

Needle Stonecrop Sedum - Sedum lineare 'Sea Urchin'

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This spectacular plant is a colorful, clump-forming Sedum that provides interest over a very long season. Green leaves have sweet cream/white margins that often become tinged with pink. The late summer blooms begin as sunny yellow and age to orange.  It is a wonderful selection for brightening arrangements of green or blue-leaved plants.  

The Sedums are known in folklore as the “live-forever plants”; many believe keeping one in your room will ward off life threatening illnesses.

Kind of looks like a peaceful pillow waiting for you to rest your head, don't ya think?

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Light:  Full sun
Height:  2-4"
Width:  24-36"
Spacing:  18-26"
Hardiness:  Zone 6-11
Bloom Time:  Late summer
Color:  Yellow flowers, green with cream edges foliage
Habit:  Clump forming
Water:   Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings
Feeding:  Not necessary
Soil:  Light well, drained soil
Care:  Tolerates hot, dry conditions

Suggestions:  A great companion plant with Candytuft, Ice Plant, or Fescue.  The sedums are always a great filler and addition to any area that is less likely to get water.  Very drought-tolerant it is very nice tucked in the corner of a flower container with bright pink pansies or spilling over a stone walkway. 

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Pot Size:  Ships in 3" round pot

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