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About Us.

Curly Twisted Arrow Rush Sedge (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Garden Center Nursery/ Buy Best Plants Online)We love plants. We love gardens. Our passion is to make your garden beautiful!

GardenDelivery is currently functioning as the online curbside delivery for Martin Garden Center.  With 5 acres of gorgeous flowers, shrubs, trees and herbs, we have everything you need to create a garden masterpiece.  Garden Deliver now enables Martin Garden Center to provide a non-interaction transaction.

We will miss seeing all of your happy faces.  But, you can still purchase all the gorgeous plants you have come to expect at Martin Garden Center.  We will hand select the best, and deliver them to your car curbside.  That keeps you safe and flourishing just like your garden.

Spring Fever + Cabin Fever = Amazing Gardens

It is the perfect time to install that garden of your dreams.  You're home and perhaps you have kids that are also home.  Everyone needs a good project.  Plus, once completed, imagine home much you'll enjoy your new and improved yard.

Happy Planting! 

Contact Us.

Feel free to contact us at info@gardendelivery.com for more information.  However, because we are handling 400 transaction per day during the spring, our ability to provide online personalized gardening advice is extremely limited.  So please keep that in mind when it comes to response times.

Creeping Jenny Lysimachia nummularia (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Garden Center and Nursery/ Buy Best Plants Online)

Our address is:

198 Martin Road
Greenville, SC 29607

Our business hours are: Monday - Friday:  9am - 5pm EST

Social Media.

We love connecting.  Our social media is an inside track to seeing who we are and what's going on daily. Get the inside "dirt" on us by visiting our Martin Garden Center instagram and facebook pages. 

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There's a whole lotta fun going on. 

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