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Compare our prices with any other mail order garden center and you will find that we have the best prices for our high quality plants.  And a 30-day GUARANTEE is included.

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Please choose from your FAQ category below before contacting us since many of your questions are answered here. If you still need a question answered, don't hesitate to contact us

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  How do you prepare your plants for shipping?

We carefully select the highest quality plants for your order.  Each plant is wrapped in our signature burlap wrap. Elegant, simple, gift ready. Then your plants are watered just before packaging. We place water absorbing material around the base of the plant and then cover with packing tape. This method establishes minimal dirt disturbance during shipping, ensures your plants will arrive in top condition and prevents shock during the shipping process. Our signature burlap wrap. Gift ready. (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Garden Center Nursery/ Buy Best Plants Online)Your plants are then (sometimes, depending on the plant) placed in a plastic sleeve to protect the foliage and laid carefully in the box. Packing material is carefully added to the box to ensure your plants will arrive in fantastic condition. Of course we include your "Planting Tips & Thank You!" card before sealing the box with packing tape. It's then labeled "This end up" to help the shipping carrier to get it right. ;) 

Limited quantity. Shop today to guarantee availability.

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  When do you ship?

We ship all orders on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday upon receiving your order. This prevents our plants from sitting in mail trucks and warehouses over the weekend. So if you order on a Thursday-Sunday, depending on where the order is going, it might not ship out until Monday morning.  That's so you'll receive your plants in the healthiest possible condition!
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  What are your shipping rates?

We work hard to make sure there are no surprises in shipping. Since your plant is watered before shipping, it will weigh most at this time and less at delivery.  

The bottom line is that the high costs of shipping are a reality.  We do everything we can to keep your shipping costs as low as possible.

We believe in charging our customers for the actual shipping costs, rather that some retailers who increase the price of their products in order to "provide free shipping".  

If we ever find that the actual charges for shipping are dramatically lower that what we charge you, we will refund the excess in a separate transaction.  We are here to run a business by selling high quality plants affordably.  We do not believe in trying to make a profit from shipping charges. 

Your shipping charges are calculated at checkout and are based on total weight of the package.  

0 - 1 lb.  $ 7.95
1.1 lbs. - 2 lbs.  $ 11.61
2.1 lbs. - 3 lbs.  $15.25
3.1 lbs. - 4 lbs.  $19.81
5.1 lbs. - 25 lbs.  $24.95

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  What shipping services do you use?

GardenDelivery products are shipped United States Postal Service®. Larger orders may possibly use UPS or FedEx to save on shipping charges. We ship all orders on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday upon receiving your order.  This prevents our plants from sitting in mail trucks and warehouses over the weekend. We ship as quickly as possible, so please check your shipping address right away. Sorry but you lose shipping charges on all orders returned to us due to incorrect shipping addresses.

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  What U.S. states do you ship to?

We ship within the United States only.   We now ship to 47 contiguous states! Yay!  (Sorry, but no shipping to California due to USDA regulations.)   

Sorry, but we do not ship to California, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the Virgin Islands or to APO & FPO addresses.

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  Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, we do not ship internationally at this time.

  Are your plants shipped in a growers pot or bareroot?

Limited quantity. Shop today to guarantee availability.

All orders are shipped in a growers pot (size is designated on plant descriptions), not bareroot.

  Are your plants shipped dormant?

Creeping False Raspberry 'Emerald Carpet' Rubus calycinoides (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Nursery/ Buy Best Plants OnlineMost plants are shipped just like the photos (not dormant).  The only exception to this is if you are purchasing a perennial or deciduous plant that has gone dormant (like hostas) for the winter (our zone is 8).  It may then arrive in a dormant state.  Rest assured, it will sneak its green shoots as the weather warms in your region.

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  Tell me about your quality. Why should I buy from you?

Simply put.  Our quality is what sets us apart.  We pride ourselves on delivering beautiful, quality plants that will look stunning in your gardens, your porch pots, your household containers, your living centerpieces .... well you get the idea.  Emphasis on you.

Twisted Arrow Rush (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Garden Center Nursery / Buy High Quality Plants Online)

Our plants come from high quality nursery stock, whether plugs, cuttings or seed. We use only the best soils, fertilizers and amendments. We never encourage growth for sales sake; instead we ensure well established root systems before top growth and blooms. We follow the three pinch rule. Therefore, (unlike many online plant shippers), our plants are destined for greatness.

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This is why we show you photos of the exact plants we carry - like the one you will be receiving.... not stock photos like so many online mail order plant sites.  We show you the actual plant, not images of what the mature plant will look like.  For that, we have included a full Google© search link in every plant description so you can have quick access to that plant information.  Why reinvent the wheel?  There's plenty of information out there about each plant.  We encourage you to click and look.  And then come back here, where you can almost taste and smell each plant before you purchase.

Can't you just smell it? Heuchera 'Caramel" Coral Bells (Garden Delivery / Buy Best Plants Online)

We want you to see the exact high quality plant you will receive.... GardenDelivery pure and simple. And of course, you will receive our signature burlap wrap. Gift ready.

We work hard to provide the highest quality nursery grade retail plants possible. Simply put.

GardenDelivery.  Beautiful plants sent elegantly.

Our signature burlap around a 4" round growers pot (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Nursery / Buy Best Plants Online

  Are your plants exactly like the photographs on your website?

They are pretty close! Please understand that we have a pretty intense photoshoot with out plants and then we will continue to use that photograph while we continue to receive shipments in from our local growers. So sometimes the plants are a little less full or a little more full, rest assured they are always of the upmost quality.

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  Do you guarantee your plants?

Limited quantity. Shop today to guarantee availability.Yes. We ship only beautiful, healthy, high quality plants. If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of your plant, please contact us within thirty (30) days and we will ship you a new plant. It's that simple. In some cases we may need you to return the plant to us or send us photos of the plant. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will work hard to keep you happy. We love having you as a customer. Why do it any other way?

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  My plant arrived damaged from shipping. What do I do?

"Compost" happens. If you receive a plant that is unhealthy due to shipping or damaged in transit, we are happy to ship you a new plant. It's that simple. Please contact us with photos of the damage within 48 hours upon receipt. We will make it right. 

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  Do you accept returns?

There are no risks. We want to rest any fears you might have about ordering live plants online. That is why we give you thirty (30) days to return any plant that you are not completely "over the moon" about or you simply changed your mind or the plant did not meet your standard of quality. Please note, the care of the plant is completely your responsibility while in your possession. We thank you for understanding that we need the plants returned in good condition.
Returns? Easy Peasy! String of Pearls Senecio rowleyanus (Garden Delivery / Buy Best Plants Online)

Please contact us prior to returning any plant and we will provide return procedures at that time. Any plant that we receive without having first contacted us will be refused receipt and will not be refunded or replaced. That's only fair, right? And please understand that in a few cases, shipping costs may not be covered. 

GardenDelivery wants you to feel confident, excited, and happy about purchasing from us.

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  Can you tell me about your pricing?

Our signature burlap wrap. Gift ready. (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Garden Center Nursery/ Buy Best Plants Online)One of the most common questions we are often asked is how can we offer such beautiful plants at such competitive prices?  The answer is simple.

We buy local and we grow local. No outsourcing and no shipping from coast to coast. We challenge you to look around at other online plant sellers and we know you'll find our prices are amazing for the high quality plants that you will receive.

And e
ach plant is wrapped in our signature burlap wrap.  Elegant, simple, gift ready. Who else offers this? It's just a little extra work that we are willing to do just for you.

So are you ready to shop

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Email List 

  How can I get on the email list?

If you'd like to jump on our email list to receive new plant offerings, coupons & special events, just Click Here.  Thank you for your interest in our fabulous plants and offerings.  We respect your inbox and try not to overwhelm your inbox.

  How can I get OFF the email list?

Simply "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any email.  There will always be an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every email. Easy peasy. See... no risks.

  Do you ever give away, sell, rent my email address or information to anyone?

In a word: No.

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Customer Testimonials

  How can I help a company out and show GardenDelivery love?

Internet searches work, but so does word-of-mouth! So if you love GardenDelivery, please tell your friends and relatives.  Please share the GardenDelivery word on social media. Who knows, we might even post your review or testimonial on our website or social media. You'll be famous!

Testimonials? We love shout outs. (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Garden Center Nursery/ Buy Best Plants Online)And please consider giving one of our products as a gift for someone. Always wrapped in our signature burlap, it's gift ready.

Limited quantity. Shop today to guarantee availability.Thanks for all the GardenDelivery love and sharing that's going on!

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Press and Photographs

  I would like to feature GardenDelivery in a print/online article/magazine/publication. Who do I contact?

We would love to be featured in your magazine or publication! Please send an email to info@gardendelivery.com with a subject of "Interested in press".  We often can provide high quality pictures for your featured article with copyright provisions. We like to make it simple, easy and fun to feature GardenDelivery!  

  I love your plant photographs!  Can I use them in my publication or website?

Creeping Jenny (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Garden Center Nursery / Buy High Quality Plants Online)Please respect our copyrighted photographs.  We love our social media "shares" and are happy for you to share and like our images as long as you always link to our http://www.gardendelivery.com website.

If you wish to use a photograph in a publication or website, please contact info@gardendelivery.com.  Use is prohibited if you don't contact us. We're sure you understand. Thanks! :)

So are you finally ready to shop?  We know you want to.  :)