You place your order.  We contact you when your order has been compiled.  We schedule your pickup date and time.  You arrive and we load your vehicle with your goodies!  Easy peasy!

Minimum Orders

  Is there a minimum order?

We know you must recognize that we are acting as personal shoppers for our customers and we are not assessing a fee for that service.  Consequently, we recommend that customers use our online service for orders of $50 or more given the significant administrative costs that we incur with each transaction.  Hopefully, our customers will comply with that minimum without the need to asses minimum orders at this time. 

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Turn Around Time

  How soon will our order be filled?

We ask that you allow us 48 hours to contact you concerning your order.  We will fill orders on a first come first serve basis.  Consequently, if we are out of stock of some items by the time you place your order, we may have to contact you to either change your order or refund you money.  We will allow customers to pre-order items that we know will be available in a week or two.  However, during the spring season, because we process approximately 400 orders each day, we can only fill orders with what is in stock or what will be immediately in stock. 

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  Do you accept returns?

There are no risks. We want to rest any fears you might have about returning any plants that we select for your order that you do not like. Simply come in and return your plants and we will credit your credit card. We cannot support curbside returns at this time.

Please note, the care of the plant is completely your responsibility while in your possession. We thank you for understanding that we need the plants returned in good condition.
Returns? Easy Peasy! String of Pearls Senecio rowleyanus (Garden Delivery / Buy Best Plants Online)


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  Can you tell me about your pricing?

Our signature burlap wrap. Gift ready. (Garden Delivery / Mail Order Garden Center Nursery/ Buy Best Plants Online)One of the most common questions we are often asked is how can we offer such beautiful plants at such competitive prices?  The answer is simple. We buy local and we grow local.  And, while many of our competitors have prices as high as $6.99 for 4" plants, our prices for vegetables, annuals and perennials have remained the same as last year.  Most annuals are priced at $4.99/4" pot and most perennials are priced at $5.99/4" pot.  So are you ready to shop

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  Do you ever give away, sell, rent my email address or information to anyone?

In a word: No.


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So are you finally ready to shop?  We know you want to.  :)