We Care.

We care about the environment. We care about our pollinators and specifically the future of the Monarch Butterfly.  We at GardenDelivery are helping to save our disappearing Monarchs. This tiny video snip is from a Monarch release here at our garden center this summer. We are happy to partner with the Save Our Monarchs Foundation (a 501(c)3 non-profit organization).


For every order placed we donate to the Save Our Monarchs Foundation.

Order placed = SaveOurMonarchs.org donation = Free Milkweed seeds for you!
Free Milkweed seeds with every order.  The Monarchs thank you.

The Monarch is in Trouble. Here's Why.  We're Killing Our Monarchs.

"Monarchs made headline news when the number of monarch butterflies hibernating in Mexico plunged to its lowest level ever. In early 2014, monarch butterflies were found in only 1.7 acres -- compared to a high of 45 acres in 1996.

The reason is because milkweed plants are disappearing all across the U.S. Milkweed is the monarch butterfly’s only source of substance. Their habitat is disappearing!"

Text from SaveOurMonarchs.org

What’s Happening to Milkweed?

"The milkweed plant is a hearty plant that used to be common among roadsides, grasslands and cornfields from Mexico to Canada and all across the U.S.

It’s the only plant that the monarch caterpillar will eat. After hibernating in Mexico, the monarchs begin their journey north in February or March.  But butterflies only live two to six weeks, when they mate, laying its eggs on a milkweed plant.

So the monarch butterflies seen by people in the northern U.S. and Canada are actually a different generation than the monarchs that left Mexico!

Monarch caterpillars need the milkweed plants to grow into monarch butterflies. No milkweed, no monarchs. It's that simple."

Text from SaveOurMonarchs.org

Why Milkweed seeds?

"Monarch caterpillars ONLY eat milkweed. In fact, the monarch butterfly is also known as the “milkweed butterfly.” 

The milkweed plant provides all the nourishment the monarch needs to transform the Monarch caterpillar into the adult butterfly.  

But these plants are rapidly disappearing, due to the loss of habitat stemming from land development and the widespread spraying of weed killer on the fields where they live."

Text from SaveOurMonarchs.org

Who is the SaveOurMonarchs.org organization?

The SaveOurMonarchs Foundation is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed by a family of six families who share the passion to rescue the endangered Monarch Butterflies.

They are a hands-on group, who get our fingernails dirty, planting milkweed plants – the monarch caterpillar's only source of sustenance.

It’s truly the most direct, hands-on way to save the Monarch Butterflies. Gardeners helping gardeners.  ....  Read more.

We encourage you to visit the www.SaveOurMonarchs.org site and support them as often as you can.  We thank you. We also encourage you to follow them on their SaveOurMonarchs Facebook Page.


We care.

We are helping to save our disappearing Monarchs. Thank you for placing an order with us. When you do, you are helping to save our disappearing Monarchs as well.

Order placed = SaveOurMonarchs.org donation = Free Milkweed seeds for you!

We thank you. The Monarchs thank you.