Class - Soils Class - August 10th, 9:30am

Class - Soils Class - August 10th, 9:30am

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It all begins and ends with the soil. The Soil Course is the same as the Veggie Class 2 and covers:

  • Preparing the perfect spot for your garden
  • Soil types
  • Components of our local clay soil, Piedmont Ultisols
  • Ideal soils composition
  • Primary nutrients N:P:K, intermediate nutrients and trace/micronutrients
  • Amending soils to meet your goals
  • Nutrient additions for certain plants/crops
  • Nutrient additions using organic and inorganic fertilizers
  • Composting to generate your own nutrients
  • Free sources of nutrients and mulch in the Greenville Area
  • Methods to deter pests using additives
  • Gardening methodologies including raised beds and in-ground gardening with no-till method

Veggie Course Class 2 is the same as the Soils Class.

All courses taught at Martin Garden Center's "Camelot" Classroom, 200 Martin Road, Greenville, SC 29607. Follow signs for Veggie Class.